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Leila Pazooki

Jelly State of Matter

Leila Pazooki - I love Objects
I love Objects
Leila Pazooki - Objects love me
Objects love me
Leila Pazooki - The Dog
The Dog
further works:
Leila Pazooki - Raised Erased #3
Raised Erased #3
Leila Pazooki - Raised Erased #4
Raised Erased #4
Leila Pazooki - Raised Erased #5
Raised Erased #5
Leila Pazooki - This is not Green!
This is not Green!
Leila Pazooki - For the Love of God
For the Love of God
Leila Pazooki - Revolte de Caire
Revolte de Caire
Leila Pazooki - The Secret Life
The Secret Life
Leila Pazooki - Coke
Leila Pazooki - untitled # 96
untitled # 96
Leila Pazooki - The Absinthe Drinker
The Absinthe Drinker
Leila Pazooki - Bloodline
Leila Pazooki - The East offering its riches to Britannia
The East offering its riches to Britannia
Leila Pazooki - The Aesthetic of Censorship
The Aesthetic of Censorship
Leila Pazooki
Leila Pazooki's work is primarily an inquiry into the concept of borders, and the manner in which information, language, the visual vernacular, and cultural associations are contorted, and conflated, as they cross physical and imagined boundaries.
Borders and the human notion of bordering establish limitations that her work manipulates, contesting and questioning the notion and validity of what remains and how it is further made acceptable. (Shaheen Merali)

Leila Pazooki was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran. She studied Bachelor of Arts (Painting), State University of Arts (2000) and continued her postgraduate studies at M.A New Media, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich (2002). After spending a period in Mexico, Pazooki returned to Germany to purse a Master's Degree at the M.A. (Sculpture), Weissensee Kunsthochschule (2007) and a Postgraduate M.A, Art in Context, Universität der Künste, Berlin (2009), where she resided until 2012.

Leila Pazooki has exhibited internationally and continues her practice in London, where she lives and works since 2013.

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