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Simón Vega

Imperial Fleet Series

Simón Vega - Imperial Jungle Arrival
Imperial Jungle Arrival
Simón Vega - Imperial Smog Fleet
Imperial Smog Fleet
Simón Vega - Control Tower
Control Tower
Simón Vega - Tropical Sunset Arrival
Tropical Sunset Arrival
Simón Vega - Imperium Ephemeral
Imperium Ephemeral
Simón Vega - Imperial Slum Ship
Imperial Slum Ship

Capsule Series

Simón Vega - Green capsule
Green capsule
Simón Vega - Time Capsule Contents
Time Capsule Contents
Simón Vega - Time Capsule Project Diagram
Time Capsule Project Diagram
Simón Vega - Time Capsule Instructions
Time Capsule Instructions
Simón Vega - Floating Soundless Capsule
Floating Soundless Capsule
Simón Vega - Mercury Capsule
Mercury Capsule

Sputnik Series

Simón Vega - Sci Fi Sputnik
Sci Fi Sputnik
Simón Vega - Metal scales
Metal scales
Simón Vega - Low tide Sputnik
Low tide Sputnik
Simón Vega - Sputnik Venezia/ Candelaria
Sputnik Venezia/ Candelaria
Simón Vega - Abandoned Project
Abandoned Project

Panopticon Series

Simón Vega - Panopticam Chandelier (SOLD)
Panopticam Chandelier (SOLD)
Simón Vega - Panopticams
Simón Vega - Technicolor Pallet Temple
Technicolor Pallet Temple
Simón Vega - panopticam tower sketches I
panopticam tower sketches I
Simón Vega - panopticam tower sketches II
panopticam tower sketches II
Simón Vega - panopticam chandelier sketch
panopticam chandelier sketch
Simón Vega - almost invisible tower sketch
almost invisible tower sketch
Simón Vega - wooden panoptical tower
wooden panoptical tower
Simón Vega - wooden up and down
wooden up and down
Simón Vega - blue mausoleum / self surveillance mausoleum
blue mausoleum / self surveillance mausoleum
Simón Vega - chocolate conceptual tower / watching you watching me
chocolate conceptual tower / watching you watching me
Simón Vega - Somebody´s watching you watching somebody
Somebody´s watching you watching somebody
Simón Vega - Beach Cams
Beach Cams
further works:
Simón Vega - Cheesy Cheddar Temple
Cheesy Cheddar Temple
Simón Vega - Burned Toast Temple
Burned Toast Temple
Simón Vega - The temple of the third world
The temple of the third world
Simón Vega - Gemini Ejection Seat
Gemini Ejection Seat
Simón Vega - Apollo Beach Rover Minutas
Apollo Beach Rover Minutas
Simón Vega - Apulo IV Tropical Camping
Apulo IV Tropical Camping
Simón Vega - Mosquito Beach Hostal
Mosquito Beach Hostal
Simón Vega - Tropical Mercury Capsule Blueprint
Tropical Mercury Capsule Blueprint
Simón Vega - Apolo Burguers & Choris
Apolo Burguers & Choris
Simón Vega - Cosmonaut Blues
Cosmonaut Blues
Simón Vega - Tropical Rockets
Tropical Rockets
Simón Vega - Tropical Mercury Capsule Crash Landing
Tropical Mercury Capsule Crash Landing
Simón Vega
Simón Vega creates drawings, ephemeral sculptures and installations inspired in the informal,
self made architecture and vendor carts found in the streets and marginal zones of El Salvador
and Central America. These works, assembled with wood, cardboard, plastic and found
materials often parody famous Modernist and mythological buildings and cities, surveillance
systems as well as high-tech robots and satellites developed by NASA and the Soviet Space
Program during the Cold War. Thus creating an ironic and humorous fusion between first and third
world, while commenting on the effects of that conflict in today#x2019s Central America.
Born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1972, Simon Vega graduated in Fine Arts at the University
of Veracruz in Mexico in 2000 and received a Master´s degree in Contemporary Arts from the
Complutense University in Madrid in 2006.
He has exhibited his work extensively in Europe, the United States and Latin America, including
the 55th Venice Biennial in Italy, the IX Havana Biennial, in Cuba, the Museo del Barrio's "The
S-Files" show in New York in 2011and at the Bronx River Art Center in 2008, both in New York
City, as well as at the Hilger BROT Kunsthalle in Vienna, Austria (2010 amp 2012). He currently
lives in La Libertad, El Salvador.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2012 - Panopticams Hilger Contemporary Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2010 - Arquitecturas Híbridas y Construcciones Mentales DE Gallery San Salvador, El
2007 -Transurbana. 100% Original Spanish Cultural Center San Salvador, El
2006 -Vigilantes Invertidos Espacio F, Mercado Fuencarral Madrid, Spain.
2005 -Transurbana, Tu Castigo es Verme CES, Montreal, Canada.
2004 -Faros Babilónicos: Signes Art Gallery Barcelona, Spain.
2003 -Ciudades Perdidas y Rutas de Escape Spanish Cultural Center San Salvador,
El Salvador.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

- 55th Biennale di Venezia, El Atlas del Imperio, IILA Pavillion, curated by Alfons
Hug amp Paz Guevara Venice Italy
- 43rd nternational Artists Salon, Saber Desconocer, Museo de Arte de Medellín
(Edificio La Naviera), Medellín, Colombia.
- Greetings from Venice, Hilger NEXT Vienna, Austria

-Sex DUIs and Videotapes, curated by Claire Breukel. Site 109, New York, USA
(April). HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria (July).

- The S-Files, curated by Elvis Fuentes, Rocío Alvarado amp Trinidad Fiombella. El
Museo del Barrio + Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, USA.
- Coca-Colonized, curated by Claire Breukel MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El

- Coca-Colonized, curated by Claire Breukel Brot Kunsthalle Viena, Austria.
- Central American Biennial, VII Bienal de Artes Visuales del Istmo
Centroamericano, Teatro Rubén Darío, Managua, Nicaragua.
- +/- Esperanza curated by Adán Vallecillos. MADC Museo de Arte y Diseño de
Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.
- Hábitat, curated by Emiliano Valdés Spanish Cultural Center amp public spaces,
Managua, Nicaragua.

- Bartered States, curated by José Ruiz Bronx River Art Center, New York,

-Vigilantes Invertidos, installation/intervention at MACO (Feria México Arte

-IX Bienal de La Habana, La Habana, Cuba
-Transpolítica, Espacio Tangente, Burgos, España
-Material Matters, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

- V Central American Biennial, Museo de Arte Moderno, Panamá.
-Todo Incluido, Imágenes Urbanas Centroamericanas curated by Virginia Perez-
Ratton and Santiago de Olmo. Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain Museo
Contemporáneo de Arte y Diseño San José, Costa Rica.
-Habitart intervenciones. San Salvador, El Salvador.

-IV Central American Biennial Palacio Nacional Managua, Nicaragua.

2013: HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
2012: Legal Art, Miami FL

-Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia, USA
-Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY, USA
-Hybrid Art, El Zonte, El Salvador

-One week with Luis Camnitzer. Centro de Formación Integral, Antigua
Guatemala, Guatemala
-Habitat Managua. Centro Cultural de España, Managua, Nicaragua

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