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Fuel, Fantasy, Freedom

FAILE  - Heartbreaker
FAILE  - Midtown Rumbler
Midtown Rumbler
FAILE  - Young Minds, Silent City
Young Minds, Silent City
further works:
FAILE  - Besos Venero
Besos Venero
FAILE  - Amor
FAILE  - 19:86
FAILE  - Palette: Destroy You
Palette: Destroy You
FAILE  - Puzzle Box 04
Puzzle Box 04
FAILE  - Victoire
FAILE  - Scandals
FAILE  - Pretty Songs
Pretty Songs
FAILE  - 86 Worth Something
86 Worth Something
Since 1999, FAILE have been exploring their artistic vision within a wide range - and often mix - of medias. Originally a three-person collective, FAILE now consists of the duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, based in Brooklyn, New York. Much of their work is characterized by a process of iconic image-making that stems from a cut and paste style of appropriation and collage. In their early career this played out through printmaking, stencils, and wheat pastes applied directly on city streets in the then burgeoning world of Street Art. Inspired by American Folk Art and the detritus tapestry of urban walls, their work is characterized by a vibrant weaving of colors, patterns, images, mediums, and typography, but also by a very playful attitude. In fact, the artists encourage the viewer to 'play' with many of their works whether it be their series of Prayer Wheels, Puzzle Boxes or their Deluxx Fluxx pop-up arcade installations.

By the mid 2000s, their unique imagery and style led to FAILE's work being featured in countless gallery and museum exhibitions. Besides works on traditional mediums such as canvas, FAILE have focused on large-scale, site-specific sculptural objects. Most recently they have finished such an installation in collaboration with the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. By limiting the time that the artwork is installed, the duo is paying homage to the ephemeral character of Street Art - here one day, gone the next (possibly). This is a thrill the duo cherishes, and it keeps them putting up their work on the street to this day.

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