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Daniel Leidenfrost

further works:
Daniel Leidenfrost - Installation Road (Dialog) / installation view
Installation Road (Dialog) / installation view
Daniel Leidenfrost - Installation Road (Dialog) / inside view
Installation Road (Dialog) / inside view
Daniel Leidenfrost - Playground III
Playground III
Daniel Leidenfrost - Playground II
Playground II
Daniel Leidenfrost - Paris #1
Paris #1
Daniel Leidenfrost - Pool
Daniel Leidenfrost - Sea of ice
Sea of ice
Daniel Leidenfrost - Playground III (sketch)
Playground III (sketch)
Daniel Leidenfrost - Playground II (sketch)
Playground II (sketch)
Daniel Leidenfrost - Sea of Ice (sketch)
Sea of Ice (sketch)
Daniel Leidenfrost
The series of works by Daniel Leidenfrost contain in their original composition two of the main topics of artworks in general: the forms of representation and the things and topics they present or stand for - things that are shown or should be shown.
Daniel Leidenfrost builds architectural and landscape models that he also uses as subjects for his photographs.
In the process of that work the photograph turns into a discrete piece of art, while the model remains an integral component yet becomes more elusive and harder to explore. In that setting, the structures and circumstances of production are radically put on display. Production, questions of verisimilitude, the materiality and the functions of media are reflected in Daniel Leidenfrost#x2019s work.
What is remarkable in this process of production is the way that moods and emotions are transferred: the models have the character of handcrafted works and are reminiscent of lonely evenings in some railway workshop. The photographs evoke impressions of unfamiliar and at the same time well-known places in the viewer - strange and familiar, almost as in a dream.
Daniel Leidenfrost's work takes on questions of truth, the construction of truth and the relation between perception and knowledge.

Daniel Leidenfrost
1979 born in Oberndorf next Salzburg.
2008: Diploma: Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2009 Studio grant of Salzburg, Cite des Arts, Paris
2011 Nomination for the Kardinal König Kunstpreis, Salzburg, Vienna

Exhibitons (selection):
'November' Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna
'Dunst' Galerie 5020, Salzburg
'Scheidungsgrund Architektenhaus' bb15, Linz
'Hotel' Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna
Europäischer Monat der Fotografie, MuSa, Vienna, Berlin, Paris
'some Roads to somewhere' HilgerBrot Kunsthalle, Vienna
2014: 'Rooming' Fotoforum Braunau

Collections (selection):
Collection of city of Vienna
Collection of the state Austria
Collection of the federal state Salzburg
Collection Lenikus, Vienna

  Dorotheergasse 5, 1010 Wien - Impressum